extSD Widget

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Works with non standard external SD like the Galaxy S3!

This widget displays free storage space available for two locations***. No configuration needed on most phones. It updates only once per minute, or when you tap the widget to extend your battery life. This is a widget so you need to add it to your home screen.

Open the settings by finding extSDWidget in your applications list. Check any two locations (internal, system, sdcard, external sdcard) to display them. It will only use 2, even if you check more of them.

I have not yet tested on dual SD card devices but it should work for them also.

*** The widget searches your device for possible sd card paths and includes internal and system by default. If it does not find the storage you want just enter it into the “Custom Path” (i.e. /mnt/sdcard/external_sd )

Tested on Galaxy S3 and Droid Incredible.
If the widget works well for you, please send me a message so I can add your device to my list of tested.

Open source GNU GPL 3.0
Some of this code was originally written by Christian Schneider.
Source code:


settingsTo use the widget, you must add it to your home screen. It only updates once each minute, but you can tap it to update instantly.

To access settings, tap the app from your applist/app drawer.

You should see  a screen like the image to the right. Check the storage you want to see listed on the widget. I will only show 2, even if you select more. If you have a SGS3 the /sdcard, /mnt/sdcard and Internal are all on the same hardware, so will show the same size. You must choose /mnt/extSdCard to show your external SD Slot. You can also choose to show the space on your System partition.

If the app did not detect your SD Slot correctly, or your 2nd slot, you can enter a custom path. (i.e. /mnt/sdcard2)















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